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CAD Jewelry design

Why Huntercad?

Unmatched experience: With 50 years in jewelry design and 20 years in CAD design, I’ve seen it all. I have a deep understanding of the industry and the design process, and I bring that knowledge to every project I take on.

Attention to detail: I believe that the details make all the difference in a piece of jewelry. That’s why I take great care to ensure that every aspect of your design is perfect, from the overall shape and style to the tiniest details.

Designs with the jeweler in mind: As a jewelry CAD designer with over 30 years at the bench, and over twenty thousand designs under my belt, I create designs that are tailored to the bench jeweler’s needs. I ensure that my designs are easy to set and of high quality construction. With HunterCAD, you can be sure that your designs will hit the mark.

Presentation is everything: Quality renderings are perhaps your greatest asset when it comes to making the sale. Click below take a look at our gallery and many examples of our quality renderings.